Burwell Family Practice

Located at 410 South 8th Street

 "I've always been a Burwell boy, born and raised in this community, and my dream was to come back to Burwell and raise a family." Dr. Hugh Holmquist accomplished this goal in 1997 after seven grueling years of med school, residency and exams. Although initially graduating with a degree in pharmacy, the loss of the only existing local doctor in Burwell and the closing of the local hospital launched Dr. Hugh on a new path, to return to school and receive his medical degree.

Prior to graduation from med school in 1996, a recruiter from Bryan Memorial Hospital approached Dr. Holmquist. "The recruiter from Bryan asked me how they could help me with my future as physician." recalled Dr. Holmquist. "I told the recruiter that they couldn't assist me because I was adamant about returning to Burwell. The Bryan recruiter told me that the hospital was interested in setting up a satellite clinic in Burwell. The initial proposal was that Bryan Memorial Hospital would simply assist in the management of the clinic. Later Bryan suggested that I come to work for them and they would run the entire practice. This was a great opportunity for a young doctor fresh out of med school, so of course I jumped at the chance. Not only did it help solve the local doctor problem in Burwell, but it took much of the financial risk away from setting up a practice for someone just out of med school with many student loans to pay."

The five year partnership with Bryan Memorial Hospital's backing and support have been a success for Dr. Hugh Holmquist and the staff at Burwell Family Practice. The Burwell Family Practice Clinic has a staff of one full time physician, Dr. Hugh Holmquist; a physician's assistant, Kristin Dunbar; three nurses, Janet Naughtin, Suzi Kozeal and Holly Mann; and three office personnel, Colleen Snell, Carmen Rowse, and office manager, Jana Gleim. The clinic itself was recently remodeled and now includes six patient rooms, two procedure rooms, an X-ray room, a large, comfortable patient waiting area, and increased office, staff and equipment space.

As of June 1, 2001, Dr. Hugh Holmquist will purchase the Burwell Family Practice Clinic from Bryan LGH and the medical clinic will operate entirely on it's own. "We're excited about venturing out on our own." stated Dr. Holmquist. "The operation of our business will be a challenge, and taking over our own billing and accounting will also be a big adjustment, but I have all the confidence in the world in my staff and their abilities." Brenda Holmquist will be joining the office staff to assist in the transition and new system.

The Burwell Family Practice Clinic specializes in general medical care, meeting the needs of the entire family, from infants to the elderly. "As a family practice doctor, I enjoy the variety of serving the needs of the entire family." stated Dr. Holmquist. "I have a strong desire to do what is best for my patients, and I take their best interests to heart. If I feel the patient needs to see a specialist for their medical needs, I do not hesitate to send them to the best physician in that particular field of expertise. We handle emergency services to the best of our ability, but since we are only a clinic, the patient often must be sent on to a hospital."

Suzi Kozeal, Carmen Rowse and Janet Naughtin


Kristin Dunbar, PA-C and Hugh Holmquist, MD


As the only local doctor, Dr. Holmquist is on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. "When you are the only doctor in town, you get used to short nights and long days, cold dinners or no dinner at all, very little uninterrupted family time, and a pager on your hip at all times," remarked Dr. Holmquist. "Sometimes I get a little stressed about this, but I get over it because I am doing something I love and worked hard to achieve, and am helping the very people who helped me achieve this goal, the people of Burwell. I have absolutely no regrets about coming home."

The Burwell Family Practice Clinic is located at 410 South 8th street in the former Cram clinic. The office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00 ; emergency and after hours calls are handled by a message service. Dr. Holmquist is in the office every day and Kristin Dunbar, P.A. sees patients on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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