Burwell Dental Clinic

422 Grand Ave. on the South Side of the Square

 The dream of a career in the field of medicine led Tim Garner into Dentistry after graduation from BHS in 1979. "I always thought I wanted to be a medical doctor in high school," remarked Dr. Garner. "Due to financial reasons I entered the military after graduation to help fund my education and realized that I really didn't want the "on-call" responsibilities of a family practice doctor. I began exploring the field of dentistry and discovered I liked it."

Tim graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry in 1992. He practiced Dentistry in the United States Army at Ft. Greeley, Alaska for two years prior to relocating to Burwell to open his own practice in the Burwell Dental Clinic.

Dr. Garner's dentistry practice focuses on comprehensive dentistry, limited orthodontics and oral surgery. "My passion in dentistry is oral surgery, which stems from the fact that I first was interested in a medical practice." stated Dr. Garner. "The oral surgery I perform in my practice fills this interest area. I do a limited amount of orthodontics because of the degree of difficulty and I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction doing cosmetic dentistry."

Dr. Garner's dental practice has grown in the past five years. In August of last year Dr. Garner hired Sherry Sutton, a dental hygienist, to assist with the practice. Barb Johnson and Charlene Webb are the dental assistants for Dr. Garner. Megan Brown and Sandi Brown, seniors at Burwell High School and Loup County High School, are employed in a work/study program as dental assistants for Dr. Garner and Paula Freeman is the receptionist for both Dr. Garner and Dr. Pedersen.

New technology and superior products are changing the applications of dentistry according to Dr. Garner. "Silver fillings are losing there prominence in dentistry and are being replaced by posterior resins. The cosmetic applications of the tooth colored resins and the way the resins chemically bond to the tooth make them superior, in my opinion, to the old silver fillings. The use of resins is a little more time consuming and expensive because of the procedures used to prepare the tooth, but I think they're worth the expense. I try to upgrade my equipment when I can to stay current with new and better technology."

Dr. Tim Garner has no regrets about moving back to his hometown and starting a dental practice. "The only aspect of moving back that's difficult is working on patients that I've known all my life, especially my high school teachers. It doesn't bother me when my patients refer to me as Tim or Timmy although it's hard to refer to some by their first names without putting a Mr. or Mrs. before it."

Dr. Garner's hours at the Burwell Dental Clinic are 8:15 - 12:00 p.m... and 1-5 Monday through Thursday and 8-2 p.m. on Friday. Dr Garner sees patients on one full Saturday a month and is available for emergencies



The Burwell Dental Clinic staff: Barb Johnson, Paula Freeman, Dr. Tim Garner, Sherry Sutton, not pictured Charlene Webb, Megan Brown and Sandi Brown.



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