Petersen Lumber Co.

Petersen Lumber is located at 337 S. Railroad Ave on the west side of Burwell.


 Petersen Lumber opened it's door for business in Burwell in June of 1974. Robert M. Petersen Sr., and R.M. Petersen, Jr. of Dannebrog, NE. chose the community of Burwell as the site of their newest lumber yard. At the time of the opening of the Burwell lumberyard the Petersens had been in the lumber business in Dannebrog since 1876. Robert M. and son are third and fourth generation Petersens to be in the lumber business in Dannebrog.

Bob Kaslon, manager of Petersen Lumber, is involved in the local aspect of Petersen Lumber. Bob and Fran Kaslon moved to Burwell in September of 1978 from Omaha, NE., when Bob assumed management of Petersen Lumber for the Petersens. Bob worked as an independent contractor and carpenter while in Omaha.

"The unique thing about Petersen Lumber," stated Bob Kaslon, "is the amount of contracting , both residential and commercial, the business is involved with- in the community. When we build a house or building or are involved in the construction, the people building that home or business are planning to be in it for a long time, sometimes a lifetime. In the city, the construction of a home or business is sometimes a temporary step, not a lifetime commitment. We try to do as good a job as we possibly can so the structure will be substantial and last. We are very fortunate in the community to have very skilled carpenters. Regardless of the materials used, it is the craftsman that makes the end product a success or failure. We have eight to twelve carpenters that work out of Petersen Lumber and those carpenters have been our mainstay for many years and are craftsmen in their field. I guess I can't say enough about the quality of the work of our local carpenters."

Technology in the lumber and contracting business is the most exciting change seen by Bob Kaslon in the years of managing Petersen Lumber. "The technology available today is really exciting," commented Bob. "For instance, if we have a customer that wants to remodel or build a kitchen, in a matter of hours we can have a kitchen layout that includes a 3-D cabinet view with construction costs; and we can show the layout with several different styles of cabinets. We can send in a temporary floor plan to a draftsman for a house, tell him what the customer would like the structure to look like and the draftsman can fax me back a preliminary drawing in a day, instead of waiting weeks. The customers are intelligent buyers and they know what they want, we strive to please them and attempt to get them enough information so they can make informed buying decisions."

Petersen Lumber is a full service lumberyard including in the inventory the usual products such as dimensional lumber, roofing products, windows, paint, interior moldings and doors, cabinets, construction supplies, power tools, vinyl, steel, and masonite siding, farm supplies( tanks, posts, wire, cattle panels, gates), decking, cement products and block, and colored and galvanized metal sheeting. Petersen Lumber is also an Ace products affiliate store, and has access to all Ace products and can place special orders for the customer.

The majority of the inventory at Petersen Lumber is housed in three large warehouses located on the premises. "We try to keep our inventory inside out of the elements." stated Bob. "This keeps our products in the best possible condition for the consumer."

Petersen Lumber is located at 337 S. Railroad Ave on the west side of Burwell. The business is open from 7:30-5:30 Monday - Friday and 7:30-12 noon on Saturday. Bob Kaslon and the Petersen's of Dannebrog welcome the opportunity to serve your lumber and contracting needs in the surrounding area.

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