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The Place To Be Is.....


 Welcome to Aggie's Acres

Aggie's Acres is a beautiful residential community developed for the permanent homes being built as on-site construction or approved modular design.
Over the past several years, thousands of trees have been planted to add to the natural beauty of the Sandhills and Aggie's Acres. Mike's Meadows..

Designed With You In Mind



  For those of you who love mobile home living, Mike's Meadows is just the place you've been looking for. Mike's Meadows offers a choice of lake view lots or sheltered areas to place your home. Roads, water, underground electricity and telephones are available to these lots.
A gazebo, storm shelter and boat storage are available for tenants of Mike's Meadows or Aggie's Acres.

Boat Storage Is Available At Two Locations....
one is at the Calamus lake, next to Mike's Meadows, and the other location is on the west side of Burwell, on your way to the lake.

We have acreages with secluded privacy, horse privileges and fantastic views

  Call or stop in the next time you visit the Calamus Lake and take a tour of Aggie's Acres or Mike's Meadows. To inspect the area, cross the face of the Virginia Smith Dam to the south side, then go 3.2 miles northwest until you come to the Aggie's Acres sign. At the entrance proceed west on Calamus Drive to the office.

For more information about these beautiful developments on the Calamus

RON SHONKA, Broker- Owner

Phone 308-346-4338




Directions:  Drive seven miles northwest from Burwell, on county asphalt road to the Calamus Dam.
Cross the Calamus dam  structure heading to the south; check your odometer at the departure end of the dam and proceed west-northwest for 3.2 miles to the entrance of Aggies Acres.  Proceed up Calamus drive to the home marked with an office sign

Three and a half hours west of Omaha, Nebraska, seven hours east of Denver, Colorado,
and one and a half hours north of I-80 from Grand Island and Kearney,
the Calamus and Aggie's Acres makes for a wonderful weekend getaway.