Burwell Shurfine Food Center

805 G Street on the West side of the Square

 Burwell Shurfine Food Center is a full service grocery store, carrying an extensive line of fresh produce and meats, an in-store bakery, and fresh delicatessen items. The store supplies products and fresh meat to many of the food service establishments in Burwell and the surrounding area. Burwell Shurfine Food Center is an Affiliated Foods of Norfolk member. Affiliated Foods is a grocery supplier cooperative, wholly owned by the members with 750 stores in 10 states. "The buying power of the group is reflected in each individual store," stated Tim Thramer.

Over the years, Burwell Shurfine Food Center has seen many improvements to the store to make the business more efficient and to stay more competitive in the market place. " Price scanning at the check-out stands and the new refrigeration system are definitely the two biggest changes we've made in the store," stated Mike Svoboda. The new refrigeration system implemented at the store uses the heat from the refrigeration motors to heat and cool the interior store temperature and also heats the water, improving the stores efficiency. The system uses the latest refrigerant approved by the EPA, replacing the original 13 water cooled compressors with four air cooled compressors. An in-store bakery department and deli were added to provide a necessary service for the community. "We saw a need for more food to go in the community, so we added the pressure fried chicken and other items to help fill that void," stated Tim Thramer.

The Bakery and Deli Department at Burwell Shurfine Food Center offer fresh baked bread and specialty items, fresh sandwiches and pre-packaged lunches, deli items, weekly carry-out lunch specials and seasonal soups, and fresh meat and cheese trays and vegetable platters in addition to the pressure fried chicken. "We often do large quantities of fried chicken for special occasions such as family reunions and church picnics. Orders of four hundred pieces are not uncommon in our deli department," commented Tim Thramer. "The holiday season sees a huge demand for meat and cheese trays and vegetable platters for open houses and celebrations. Our deli staff works overtime to fill the orders and to present an attractive product for the customer. The meat and cheese trays and vegetable trays are a very popular item as are our fresh baked cookie trays and speciality breads".

Burwell Shurfine Food Center also holds many summer specials in the parking lot of the business. "We do four or five parking lot sales a year in the summer," commented Mike Svoboda. "Our produce truck- load sale, truck-load pop sale and stock up case sale are very popular events. We usually grill hamburgers in the parking lot to accompany our sales and have a food special. Our customers really seem to enjoy the events."

The business philosophy at our store has always been exceptional service, selection and savings, serving you better, saving you more and we intend to live up to that philosophy."





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Fresh sandwiches and pre-packaged lunches,
including deli items, are always available.



Shurfine Food Center offer fresh baked bread
and specialty items.