Thoene Farm Service

610 S. 8th on the South edge of Burwell

 In 1983, brothers Fred and Hank Thoene opened Thoene Farm Service. In the early years of the business, the majority of the emphasis was directed toward irrigation power units and ag repair, but in 1993 the addition of the Vermeer brand of haying equipment was added. "Adding the Vermeer line of haying equipment has really boosted our business in the surrounding area, commented Fred Thoene." The hay equipment added more clientele from the north, increasing the radius within which we work. We try to stay within a 40 to 50 mile radius with our field service truck, but sometimes that doesn't work."

The field service offered by Thoene Farm Service keeps the service truck out everyday from the beginning of irrigation season to harvest. "We keep two full time hired men in the summer months and have gone through four service trucks in the years we've been in business," stated Fred. "We've stayed mainly on the ag-line of business; diesel engine repair and we also do alot of propane engine repair on irrigation well power units." Both Fred and Hank Thoene attended Southeast Community College at Milford in diesel mechanics and attend continuing education classes to stay current with new technology and up to date on equipment and repair.

The busiest time for business for Thoene Farm Service is the summer months, starting in May and June, becoming extremely hectic around July first and slowing down in the middle of September, although Fred Thoene remarked that the business has never really had a slow time since they opened the doors in 1983, and they spend the winter months rebuilding engines, doing repair work, and preparing for the summer.

Thoene Farm Service also makes adding new services for customers a priority. The business custom makes hydraulic hoses, carries drive train components for PTO's and common parts needed by area producers; filters for ag equipment, nuts, bolts, fittings, and sprockets, and have added a good line of bearings. They also carry the comsumables needed for the Vermeer Hay equipment and product support, such as twine and parts as well as repair.

In the irrigation line of equipment, Thoene Farm Supply carries Caterpillar, Cummins. and Isuzu engines as well as propane power units. "We primarily carry these engines lines, but we can service any engine that is out there" remarked Fred. "Since the canal was built we have done alot of work on the engines and the Berkley pumps behind them and we carry alot of irrigation well supplies, gaskets, fittings and anything else that goes with it. We also build the stands and mount generators as needed for our customers."

Thoene Farm Supply carries Caterpillar, Cummins. and Isuzu engines as well as propane power units.



Thoene Farm Supply carries the Vermeer Hay equipment line including balers, rakes, mowers, hay feeders and bale movers.

Since the addition of the Vermeer Hay equipment line in 1993, the business carries balers, rakes, mowers, hay feeders and bale movers. Thoene Farm Service keeps some new equipment on hand as well as older equipment for it's customers. The business also customizes the equipment to fit the consumers needs by adding or taking away options offered, and special orders.

Thoene Farm Service supports agricultural and school activities in the community and is a 4-H and FFA supporter. The business hours for Thoene Farm Service are Monday-thru Saturday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, with plenty of overtime in between.


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