Recall Petitions Turned Into Garfield County Clerk For Second Time

On Friday, September 3rd, petitions calling for the recall of elected officials Mayor Charles Cone, Council Member Terry Cone and Council Member Carolyn DeBaets were once again turned into Garfield County Clerk, Linda Heermann.
For some this may seem like dejavu as this is the second time that Recall Petitions have been turned in for these three Council members. On Friday, July 2nd Principal Circulator Donald Jones turned in the first set of signed petitions only to find out that the Garfield County Clerk, Linda Heermann, had given incorrect information regarding the number of signatures that would be required to certify the Recall Petitions. Heermann had calculated that the required number of signatures would be 35% of the votes cast for that candidate, when in fact it should have been calculated as 35% of the number of votes cast for the office. With incorrect information the first set of Recall Petitions fell only slightly short of the actual requirements, making them uncertifiable.
Petition carriers along with Principal Circulator Donald Jones believe that if they now have the correct information regarding the number of required signatures, there should be "No problem" in seeing the three Council Members placed on a recall ballot.
Heermann has fifteen working days, or until September 27th, in which to certify the Recall Petitions. Each petition will be certified if enough of the signatures are deemed as valid meaning that the signature comes from a registered voter and that voter is qualified by his or her place of residence to vote for the office in question. In order for the Recall Petitions to be certified Heermann stated that the required number of signatures in regards to Mayor Charles Cone would be 210, signatures required regarding Council Member Terry Cone would be 120 and the number of required signatures in regards to Council Member Carolyn DeBaets would be 84.
Jones stated that he could not foresee a high number of the gathered signatures being rejected, however, they had "Gathered enough signatures to allow for a cushion."

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